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A mentoring relationship connecting established leaders with emerging leaders – focused on learning and leading with the Value Culture. Begins Aug 2021. Apply now.

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Interviews with leaders focusing on tangible ways to demonstrate value to the people around us, thereby inspiring transformational change in people and corporate culture.


A one-day leadership conference

Please plan to join us for this day focused on organizational health, effective communication, and tools for leading with a value culture.

Recent Articles and Posts

The Real Magic Of Leadership

My daughter and I love to watch movies together. Since she is currently home for the holidays, we recently watched “Encanto” (we love Disney movies), and I was intrigued by many aspects of the story. The most relevant one for me involved the matriarch of a magical family and the way her leadership impacted all...
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Body, Mind, And Soul

This past week was a difficult one for me. Unless you are one of my closest friends, you wouldn’t have known, and that is the problem. We’ll talk more about that in a minute. In Doe Parker’s “The Good House & The Bad House”, the author uses a physical house to represent the past and...
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Sitting With Dogs

We have two dogs. Actually, our kids have two dogs that they left at our house when they went off to college and life away from our home. Roscoe and Dixie are both rescued dogs and have somewhat undeterminable lineages, but they are sweet, and both have the defining characteristic of dogs: they love us...
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All I Want For Christmas

I saw Santa and Mrs. Claus this past week. Was it the real Santa Claus? Well, there are a few ways I can answer that. I could tell you that it was. “How could that be?” you say. Maybe you’ve heard of a little thing called magic? I could tell you that it was a Helper Santa—one of many...
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