The Kimmell Vision

The Kimmell Vision

A world where people know they are valued

Our Vision is based on the core belief that people are intrinsically valuable and putting that belief into action will radically change us all.

Word From The Herd

Our weekly leadership podcast

Interviews with leaders focusing on tangible ways to demonstrate value to the people around us, thereby inspiring transformational change in people and corporate culture.

Value Culture

The Value Culture

The path to creating a thriving corporate community

Living with the Value Culture results in loyal employees, alignment in purpose, innovation, creativity, and is essential to the long-term success of a company.

Recent Articles and Posts

It’s The Real Thing

I have always been interested in branding and marketing. Done well, branding can create a recognizable identity that carries very complex messaging within very simple symbols and icons. I recently visited The World of Coca-Cola, a museum of sorts dedicated to the Coca-Cola brand. Asa Griggs Candler bought the formula and the brand for the...
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Heat Wave

“We’re having a heat wave” is a phrase I have heard several times recently as the plummeting temperatures and record snowfall we have experienced this past week begin to fade. One of the latest was a dear friend of mine, in response to reading that the high temp on Friday would be 33°. Something is wrong in...
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The Flower Next To Me

“A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms.”Zen Shin In 1724, a German physicist living in the Dutch Republic proposed a comparative scale for measuring temperature. He based his scale on three points: the low point as the freezing temperature of an ammonium salt brine solution (0),...
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Final Disposition

I attended the funeral of my friend’s father on Friday. Historically, I have not been a fan of funerals in general, but this one was really nice. My friend’s father had served in the military during the Vietnam war, so there was an honor guard present. One of them played “Taps” before they lifted the...
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